VlogGing in Australia!!

2017-02-03 05:46:30 by Shockmouths

You guys like vlogs?

THEN WATCH MINE (even if you said "no")


We can be the best of friends. Why don't you call me anymore? CALL MORE OFTEN!!

Animation Livestreams

2016-08-31 08:59:33 by Shockmouths


Hey everyone!!

I'll be live streaming my animation work weekly over on YouTube at the following times.


USA Saturday - 9pm/6pm - New York/Los Angeles

Australia Sunday -  11am Sydney


I am by no means a pro animator, I won't be doing tutorials but we have fun. People throw in their ideas as we go along. Above is a doodle I did on a stream I did yesterday. 

I Got Married !!

2016-04-10 22:15:08 by Shockmouths



Hello, Newgrounds family!

Last month I got married followed by a few weeks around Tokyo. I'm settled back home in Sydney now and am back at work on my 3 Star animations (screenshot below).

Marriage is great. 10/10, would reccomend it. 


Facebook Page

2016-01-13 06:54:02 by Shockmouths

I've created a facebook page for my cartoons, if you could be so kind as to throw a 'like' my way I'll mail you some pizza.



With my latest cartoon 'Now You're A Man', I recorded myself slapping my tummy and arm to get the right sound effect for when the father slaps his son.

After a minute of doing this, I realised that although my mixer was turned on, and everything was recording. I'd forgotten to turn on the phantom power to the microphone. So nothing had been recorded and I was sore all over for nothing.

I'm absolute rubbish at audio. Thought I'd share this funny story. Happy Newgrounding, everyone!

The censored version of that cartoon (if you're at work or can't stand to look at nudity) can be found on

10 Years

2015-06-05 23:37:46 by Shockmouths

This Friday 12th June will mark 10 years since I signed up to Newgrounds.

Not that I spent a solid ten years pumping stuff out on a consistant basis, but wow. That went fast.1244994_143356183691_BTTFholyshit.gif

Say Goodbye to the Dubs

2014-12-19 04:28:24 by Shockmouths


Helllo, everyone


Despite nobody reading these, I thought I would still be polite and grant one weeks grace of notice before I delete most of the dubs I have uploaded.

I will be keeping some of them, such as the ones that are voted high and all of the Harry Potter ones. Because let's be honest, most of them suck. It's approaching ten years since these were uploaded and it's been a long time coming.

So, enjoy them. While you can.

Also. Hopefully I can pull this off but I'm making a flash animation (short) that I'm trying to do properly and not like some of the other crap I've uploaded of animation in the past.

Attached is some art from it that I'm in the middle of.




2011-12-07 03:45:40 by Shockmouths

Hey bitches.

I just got an Xbox360 yesterday and Halo Reach.

Been playing online a lot.

PM me if you wanna play, because I suck hard balls.

Deathly Hallows..

2011-11-25 07:01:30 by Shockmouths

The other night I saw for the first time (both parts at once) Harry Potter 7.

Thought about dubbing it.

But Dobby dies. So I don't know I'd handle that.

PS- This blog contains spoilers.

PPS-It's been two and a half years since my blog. The one before that was one year. See you fuckers in 2017.